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Why Does it Cost a Lot to Get Divorced in Solana Beach, Ca,

Does It Cost a Lot to Get Divorced?

People often complain about how expensive their divorces were, or you may hear someone claim the process wiped out his or her finances. While this may leave you feeling anxious, the truth is divorce doesn’t always have to be expensive. In most cases, those whose divorces drained their accounts were involved in contentious legal battles that lengthened the whole process. You can avoid having this happen to you by knowing how to plan a divorce that focuses on civil communication and keeping costs low. The team from Divorce Options San Diego—the experts in San Diego divorce mediation who offer a compassion-based alternative to expensive, time-consuming divorce litigation—explain why some divorces are so expensive and what you can do to lower the costs.

Expect to Pay Court Fees

There are some costs you can’t avoid, and most people must pay a fee to the court. This fee covers the filing of your paperwork and should only have to be paid once. You can find out the court fees for your divorce by consulting with your mediator or checking with your local court. Knowing what the amount is ahead of time can help you work the fee into your budget.

Recognize the Hidden Financial Costs

There are some costs that can affect your finances during a divorce that you might not anticipate. For instance, you may miss work time to attend appointments with your mediator as your negotiate your agreement. If you don’t have paid time off available, this could quickly affect your income. Babysitters and other expenses can also add up quickly if you must attend many appointments.

Know the Difference Between Mediators and Lawyers

Legal fees are another major expense during divorce. While you may be advised to hire the best lawyer money can buy, this isn’t always the best route to take. Hiring lawyers requires you and your spouse to shell out money for two different attorneys. Some attorneys also charge multiple fees along with hourly rates, and those fees can become difficult to keep track of. Since attorneys also tend to be more combative, they could potentially lengthen the process of getting your divorce, which naturally works in their favor if they charge by the hour or appointment. A mediator works with both of you. Mediators tend to charge lower rates than lawyers, and you’ll save money by being able to avoid a lengthy divorce with multiple court dates and appointments.

Choose to Make Your Divorce Affordable

When you think about it, you really do have a large amount of control over how much your divorce costs. Choosing a mediator should be your first step. If you can work things out in mediation, you’ll avoid having to pay for more than one person to represent you and your spouse. You’ll also save money on other parts of your divorce as well. For example, mediation can often be conducted by phone or videoconferencing so you miss less work and avoid having to pay a babysitter. 

Couples looking for an alternative to the enormously expensive adversarial manner in which divorces are usually handled should reach out to the experienced professionals at Divorce Options San Diego. We’re San Diego divorce mediators you can trust to help you dissolve your marriage in a way that’s based on respect and mutual satisfaction. Give us a call today at 858-281-2628 to learn more.