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Our divorce mediation practice is innovative and unique. Our goal is always to produce sustainable, long-term, and mutually beneficial outcomes for you and your spouse (and children). We perform a thorough analysis of your financial, legal, psychological, and social circumstances in order to develop transition plans and resolutions that are productive, mutual and reciprocal; and which allow you a good start on the next phase of your lives.

We utilize a team approach, which ensures accuracy and procedural equilibrium. This, in turn, minimizes stress and maximizes your ability to understand various options in your community property division, parenting plans, child and spousal support, and liquidation of properties if necessary. We never cut corners and always maintain a careful allegiance to the laws of the State of California while helping you retain the kind of flexibility that will optimize your goals.

We use modern communication technology such as video-conferencing and a secure, private server. We do schedule appointments evenings and weekends for your convenience. We are efficient and are, therefore, able to complete your filing within 4 – 6 weeks in most cases. We never put you in the same room as your spouse, which can heighten anxiety; and instead, talk with each of you separately unless there is good reason for a joint meeting. We have a “one-stop shop” mediation approach and take care of all aspects of your legal separation or marital dissolution.

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This includes preparation and filing of all court documents; all negotiations; analysis of your finances, community property, and separate property; drafting a developmentally-sensitive parenting plan; drafting an extensive marital settlement agreement; preparation of QDROs, small-business valuation, vested and unvested stock-option valuation, RSUs vested and unvested, lump-sum spousal support buyouts, and referral to high-end, decorated realtors. In most cases, our clients do not hire attorneys because our mediation process is so thorough, and our explanations clear and understandable. Usually, our mediation process becomes a partnership alliance between us and our clients, and between both spouses who work together for the best mutual disposition and resolution. After we file your dissolution or separation, we take care of all additional matters that arise as well as follow and report your case progress to you.

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