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Why Should I Avoid Dating While I’m Getting Divorced in Solana Beach, Ca,

Should I Avoid Dating While I’m Getting Divorced?

Once you’ve separated from your spouse, you may feel a sense of freedom to pursue a new relationship. You might simply miss having someone around you can rely on to always be up for watching a movie or having dinner out. While the prospect of dating may fill you with excitement, the truth is you may be better off waiting just a little bit longer. Dating during a divorce can get complicated, and it could make the entire process of ending your marriage harder. Before you start looking for someone new, consider these benefits of waiting it out, offered by the professionals from Divorce Options San Diego, the expert divorce mediators San Diego couples rely on for creative alternatives to the often contentious and costly divorce process.

Keep Things Civil with Your Spouse

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that often comes into play during divorce negotiations. Dating this soon could cause your spouse to suspect you were unfaithful during the marriage, or he or she could think you’re trying to be cruel. Either way, this can lead to some serious roadblocks during the mediation process. Staying single a little while longer can help you keep things positive during your divorce.

Give Your Kids Time to Adjust

Although your kids don’t have the right to tell you what to do, you do need to consider their feelings. Your kids are likely going through the process of grieving the end of your marriage. They’ve already got enough upheaval in their lives without you bringing in a new person they have to get to know.

Provide Yourself with a Chance to Heal

You may feel like you’re handling your divorce very well. You may even feel happy, relieved, and excited about the future. However, ending a marriage does take an emotional toll. You might have dealt with issues such as arguing during the years leading up to the divorce. Take a little more time to really process what you’re going through so you aren’t surprised by painful emotions later.

Spend Time Thinking About What You Want

People who date too soon after their divorces sometimes end up in unhealthy relationships similar to the ones they just ended. Waiting to date gives you time to think about what you need in a romantic partner. For instance, you may discover you want someone who shares a specific interest or has certain personality characteristics.

Focus on the Divorce Process

Dating takes time and mental energy you may not have at the moment. Right now, you need to focus on what you want to get out of the divorce, such as a specific child custody arrangement. You also need to be able to dedicate your time to your mediation appointments. Choosing not to date yet gives you time to think about what you need from the divorce and how you can make it happen. You’ll also find keeping things as comfortable as you can between you and your spouse will help the divorce happen more quickly and with far less stress.

If you and your spouse want to reduce the amount of stress involved in your divorce, the answer you’re seeking may be in divorce mediation. San Diego couples can have every aspect of their divorces handled without the need to hire attorneys, go to court, or spend a small fortune. To learn more about how divorce mediation can be the ideal option for you and your family, call the expert mediators at Divorce Options San Diego today at 858-281-2628.