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Paperwork Services for Divorce with No Conflicts

Paperwork Services for Divorce with No Conflicts

Paperwork Services

Our comprehensive divorce mediation services in San Diego include divorce paperwork services,which areperfect for those who are divorcing with no conflict issues, agreed upon assets, and debts and want all paperwork accurately completed in a timely manner.

BCS Conflict Solutions Mediation is the perfect choice. With a team of professionals who are experienced and have extensive family court experience and unparalleled professionalism, we offer:

  • Divorce (Dissolution)
  • Uncontested Divorce (Dissolution)
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment
  • Stipulated Judgments/ Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Parenting Plans
  • Inter-spousal Deed Title Transfers
  • QDRO


Our fees depend upon the nature of the service as follows:

  • For mediation and all other services: $395.00 per hour

Types of Divorce

Summary Dissolution (Divorce)

This is a divorce in which both spouses file jointly, requiring full agreement and cooperation between the parties. To file for this type of divorce there are court-required requirements that must be met by both spouses.

Uncontested Divorce by Default (Default with Agreement)

This is a divorce in which your spouse doesn’t make an appearance by filing a “Response.” If your spouse doesn’t file a Response, we can terminate your marital status and establish most orders without your spouse’s signature or a hearing on your behalf. Your spouse also signs an MSA.

Uncontested Divorce by Agreement

This is a divorce in which you and your spouse enter into a full agreement regarding community property and debts, child custody and residential schedule, and child and spousal support. When proceeding with this type of divorce, you’ll need your spouse to be fully cooperative in signing, notarizing, and completing all necessary documentation during the duration of time the case is being processed through the court and you’ve obtained your judgment for divorce.


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