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Divorce Mediator Services in San Diego

Divorce Mediator Services in San Diego

Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced, trustworthy divorce mediators can manage all the legal, financial, practical, and psychological aspects of divorce to help couples reach agreements based on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. We carefully foster a safe environment in which clients are able to work through challenging issues, make positive and productive decisions, and reach amicable agreements in the midst of emotionally charged conflicts.

We are highly educated, compassionate mediators with a wealth of legal, financial, and psychological expertise. With our vast experience and extensive knowledge of psychology and the law, we act as guides for our clients, leading them through every phase of the process so they’re able to resolve their conflicts in ways that leave each of them feeling heard, understood, and respected. We work to fully comprehend each situation and find opportunities for a mutually agreeable resolution that’s sustainable. Our primary goal is to help spouses reach an equitable, fair resolution that meets their needs and the needs of their entire family.

Our high-level divorce mediation services provide an ideal solution for people with complex lives. We offer a variety of services that other divorce mediators don’t, from including a client’s CPA in the resolution of financial matters to providing life transition coaching that helps clients with personal and private issues as they adjust to their new lives after divorce. We’ve even developed our own innovative community property equalization methodology.

During our comprehensive mediation process, we carefully analyze each unique situation and identify creative solutions that wouldn’t be found in the usual adversarial process of litigation. Unlike attorneys, who provide strictly legal evaluations, we investigate possibilities for resolution in multiple ways. Our objective analysis—which addresses the psychoanalytic, financial, and legal components of divorce—will help you reframe your conflict in new ways, empowering you to envision creative options you might never have imagined otherwise.

Dr. Kevin Boileau is an attorney, psychoanalyst, and university professor who is highly skilled in the legal, psychological, and financial aspects of divorce. Dr. Boileau’s work has focused on research in game theory math, strategy, and psychology. He has authored many books, including theoretical books on psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and critical theory as well as several works in literary fiction and poetry. In addition, he has coauthored two books on mediation.

Nazarita Goldhammer is highly skilled in the financial, legal, and psychological aspects of divorce. She has a background in accounting along with extensive training in psychoanalysis and phenomenology, particularly in relation to divorce mediation. Along with working with Dr. Boileau to develop Divorce Options San Diego’s revolutionary collaborative mediation team, Ms. Goldhammer’s extensive experience includes teaching mediation with Dr. Boileau and leading research projects in nonviolent conflict resolution.

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