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Mediated Business Appraisal San Diego, CA

Mediated Business Appraisal San Diego, CA

Litigation can often appear as the only solution when there’s serious conflict involved with business activities. However, this is a very expensive and lengthy process, and you don’t have to resort to litigation to handle your business conflicts. Business mediation is a viable alternative that’s both cost-effective and time-effective.

We provide a confidential forum where resolutions can be resolved and solutions found even when the problems seem extremely complex. We use an approach that brings more clarity to the situation and help both sides of the conflict remain focused on the issues that are the most relevant. We can help the parties involved find viable solutions that lead to an agreement.

At Divorce Options San Diego, divorce mediation will encourage both sides to consider the other’s viewpoint while at the same time looking for creative and effective solutions to the problem. You’ll be able to come to a custom-made agreement that’s fair to both sides without having to rely on an arbitrator or judge to make the final decisions. Your fate will remain in your own hands, and the solutions presented will be mutually satisfying. Business mediation is much different than regular divorce mediation, and you need to team up with experts who have a considerable amount of experience in this area. We have worked with a variety of industries and businesses in the state of California, and we understand the laws and the implications of the decisions being made. When you can’t seem to meet eyetoeye on a certain business matter and the conflict continues to grow and spiral out of control, consider mediation as a viable alternative to lengthy litigation that has the potential to drag on for a number of years.

We can work with both large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, startup companies, and any type of new businesses in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and the surrounding areas. Our divorce mediators in San Diego can provide viable and sustainable resolutions for the following business issues:

  • Commercial and business conflicts
  • Debt collections
  • Partnership disputes
  • Employment issues
  • Dissolution disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Business torts
  • Copyright and trademark
  • Hour and wage
  • Real estate
  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair business practices
  • Much more

Having and growing a business is all about forming and maintaining relationships with others. When there’s a breakdown in these relationships some serious conflicts can occur that cannot be solved without either litigation or mediation. Litigation can drain both parties’ resources very quickly, while, on the other hand, the lower costs of mediation can be shared by both parties.

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