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Results of Lying During Divorce Mediation in Solana Beach, Ca,

What Are the Consequences of Lying During Divorce Mediation?

Working with your spouse to create a plan for your divorce might not be easy. At times, you may be tempted to defend yourself by omitting information such as how much income you actually make. Although lying might seem like the easiest way to get what you want, it tends to just make things worse. In divorce mediation, everyone involved is expected to tell the truth, and doing so helps you avoid potential pitfalls that could ruin the whole process. Read on to learn the consequences of being less than honest during divorce mediation, brought to you by the experts from Divorce Options San Diego—experienced professionals who are transforming the divorce process with expert divorce mediation San Diego couples rely on for creative customized divorce solutions.

You Break Down Trust During Negotiations

Trust is a big deal when two people are married, and you need to remember that being honest with your spouse now will help you down the road. Lying casts a negative pall over the entire mediation process, and your spouse may be less likely to compromise on important issues if he or she feels like he or she can’t believe what you say. You’ll also need to keep in mind that it will be best to have a civil relationship with your spouse in the future. He or she needs to be able to trust you regarding things such as picking the kids up from school on time.

You Lose Out on the Benefits of Mediation

One of the most important benefits of mediation is that it streamlines the process of getting a divorce by keeping you out of court. Once trust is broken, your spouse may insist on going through the legal system to get your divorce, which means you’ll have to hire an attorney. You may also extend the length of time it takes for your divorce to be finalized. After your spouse finds out you lied, he or she may insist on checking every detail you provide. Going through accounts, reviewing documents, and analyzing the truth of every statement you make takes up valuable time that’s better spent on working out your divorce agreement.

You Could Be Held Liable

During mediation, you make a legally binding commitment to be truthful about everything that affects your divorce. Lying during this process can leave you open to being sued by your spouse in the future. Depending on the things you lie about, your spouse could sue you for slander and potentially seek compensation for the financial damage your lies might have caused. For instance, your spouse could petition the court to make you repay him or her for assets you hid during the mediation process.

Your Divorce Agreement May Have to Be Redone

After going through the process to get a divorce, the last thing you want to do is repeat it. Lying could render your divorce agreement null and void. If this happens, your spouse could require you to go back to court to work out a new agreement. While mediation may involve a few stressful moments, it’s far better to do it right the first time than to deal with the consequences of lying.

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