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What happens after divorce mediation?

What to Expect Following Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation makes it possible to handle your case out of court, which has the advantage of keeping things out of the public eye, and many people find it eases strain on their relationships. Children also tend to fare better when their parents work out their differences in mediation and come to an agreement regarding hot-button issues such as child custody and support. While you may already be aware of what’s involved with the mediation process, a common concern people have is what happens after those sessions are over. The team from Divorce Options San Diego—experienced professionals who provide expert-driven San Diego divorce mediation couples can rely on to create optimal customized divorce solutions—offer this guide to the next important steps to take after divorce mediation is complete.

Review the Tentative Settlement Agreement

Divorce mediation may continue for six weeks to six months. However, you can expect to eventually reach an agreement that complies with California laws and addresses your personal needs. Once this happens, the mediator will draft a tentative settlement agreement that outlines exactly how everything will proceed regarding the distribution of property, child custody, and any other pertinent parts of your divorce. You and your spouse will then need to review this agreement and determine it’s exactly how you want it. If it isn’t, you’ll work with the mediator to develop the next draft and return to your mediation sessions. If it is, the mediator will create a finalized copy to submit to the court.

Wait for the Final Agreement to Be Approved

The final settlement agreement must go through the court and be approved by the judge. Working with a mediator ensures the agreement follows all applicable laws so it’s more likely to be approved. Once the judge signs the agreement, you can consider it to be active. As long as you’ve met the mandatory six-month waiting period, your divorce will be finalized.

Work to Make Sure You Follow the Agreement

The agreements you come to in your mediation sessions are meant to be adhered to, and your finalized divorce agreement is a binding legal order. Although it may be challenging at times, you should always try your best to honor your agreement regarding the division of finances and property as well as your agreed-upon parenting responsibilities, if you have children.

Know When to Return for Future Mediation

While every effort is made to address potential contingencies in your divorce agreement, future disagreements and conflicts might arise down the road that are sometimes unforeseeable. For instance, you may need to move outside of the agreed-upon boundaries you created as part of your parenting plans. Alternatively, you may need to modify child support or shared parenting time as your children’s needs change. When this happens, you can have the court modify your divorce agreement. To begin the process, you need to return for mediation to create a new settlement everyone agrees upon.

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