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How to Boost Divorce Mediation Chances of Success in Solana Beach, Ca,

5 Ways to Boost Divorce Mediation’s Chances of Success

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging things you can deal with as an adult. While no one enjoys having to hash out an agreement with his or her ex-spouse, mediation can keep things more civil than taking it to court. The team from Divorce Options San Diego—professionals who are transforming the divorce process with expert divorce mediation San Diego couples rely on for customized divorce solutions—offer these five tips to help you plan a successful divorce mediation with less stress.

1. Choose the Right Mediator

It’s important to understand that the mediator you choose doesn’t favor either one of you. Instead, he or she serves as a neutral party who helps you both come to agreements regarding the different aspects of your divorce, such as the division of property. However, mediators sometimes have more experience in certain areas that may be beneficial for your circumstances. For example, you may prefer a mediator who is experienced in helping with making financial plans if you expect yours to be complicated.

2. Do Some Homework First

You should also be aware of the laws that impact divorces in your state. For instance, California has specific laws regarding how property is divided and whether or not a person has to pay spousal support. Knowing the general expectations for your situation can help you make better decisions.

3. Be Prepared

Your divorce mediator may need you to supply information that ensures all of the decisions made will stand up in court. For instance, you may need to make financial documents available, such as income statements or a copy of your lease agreement. You may also need to find out information about any changes in your children’s schedules, such as the hours of their new daycare arrangement, so you and your ex-spouse can make a child support and visitation agreement. Make sure to always be prepared with the required information so you can avoid delays in the process.

4. Plan to Reflect Before Mediation

With mediation, the ultimate goal is for everyone to come out of the agreement satisfied that they’ve been heard and their needs have been respected. Take some time to think about what your ex-spouse might want or need before you speak with the mediator. Although you cannot fully predict what he or she might say, having an idea ahead of time can help you plan your negotiation strategy.

5. Keep an Open Mind

It also helps to remember that mediation involves going through a give-and-take process. In some situations, you may need to give up something, such as a piece of property, to get another thing you want. Remembering to keep an open mind ensures your priorities are met.

All the practical, legal, financial, and psychological aspects of fair, respectful divorce agreements can be managed by Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced, trustworthy divorce mediators. San Diego couples can rely on our comprehensive process, which is so thorough there won’t be a need for attorneys. To learn how we can help you with every facet of your divorce, call us today at (858) 281-2628.