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Main Causes of Divorce in Solana Beach, Ca,

What Are the Top Causes of Divorce?

Divorce is rarely the first option for couples, but in many cases, it’s inevitable. There are no-fault divorces, but many people list a combination of factors when filing. The professionals from Divorce Options San Diego, the experts in divorce mediation San Diego couples rely on for an alternative to the often contentious and costly divorce process, list some of the most common reasons couples decide to get divorced.


Earning enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle isn’t easy for every family. When one spouse is responsible for the finances and the other spouse doesn’t contribute monetarily, it could lead to fallout beyond repair, especially when children are involved and their needs aren’t met mainly due to lack of income. In addition, large gaps in earning levels could cause animosity between spouses, leading to disagreements, legal separations, and even divorce.

Poor Communication

Many disagreements can be solved with simple conversations or therapy sessions, yet many couples fail to communicate throughout their marriage, allowing the tension to escalate over the years. Instead of talking through their issues, some spouses turn to other family members and friends, sharing intimate details about their marriage. When this happens, outsiders give their opinions, which aren’t always in favor of saving the relationship. Excellent communication can prevent resentment, frustration, and other negative emotions that impact a marriage.

Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug addiction can alter a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health. When the habit goes untreated, it puts a strain on marital relationships because the abuse is often enabled. Spouses want to help their loved ones, so they believe staying in the marriage and waiting for the addiction to cease is the answer, when in actuality, their spouses self-destruct and hit rock-bottom. Even if substance abuse has ruined their marriages, people can salvage their friendships and suggest their spouses receive rehabilitation in the mediation process.

Health Problems

The “for better, for worse” aspect of wedding vows isn’t always upheld in some marriages, often when one spouse develops a chronic condition or various health issues. Spouses sometimes get discouraged when their loved ones develop diseases that impact their daily lives, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s. Caring for their significant others is often challenging, and they don’t want those limitations to define the rest of their lives or their relationships. In some instances, both parties agree to divorce because one spouse doesn’t want the other to be around when the health condition worsens.


Cheating is the most common cause of divorce. Infidelity can be physical and emotional. When spouses turn to other individuals for comfort, they could fall out of love with their partners and want to terminate their marriages. It’s often determined during mediation that the extramarital affairs are due to a specific problem within the relationship, such as:

• Lack of intimacy
• Growing apart
• Jealousy
• No family support

No matter what the cause, divorce is always emotionally difficult, and a great way to ease the process is to work with experienced divorce mediators. San Diego couples can benefit enormously from the expertise of the team at Divorce Options San Diego. With backgrounds in law, finance, conflict resolution, and psychology, we empower couples to dissolve their marriages with respect and mutual satisfaction and move on to the next stage of life with optimism. To learn more about our revolutionary divorce mediation process, give us a call today at (858) 281-2628.