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Hurdles Between Your Divorce Mediation Success in Solana Beach, Ca,

6 Things that Could Prevent Your Divorce Mediation’s Success

Ending a marriage in California can be done without hiring lawyers or going to court—instead, couples use a process called divorce mediation. Naturally, working things out in mediation also helps you complete your divorce faster, and you can make sure your efforts are successful by watching out for these common reasons divorce mediations fail, brought to you by Divorce Options San Diego, San Diego divorce mediators who offer a one-stop shop approach for couples looking for a way to dissolve their marriages amicably and with mutual respect.

1. Starting with the Wrong Attitude

In most cases, two people have already gone through some tough times before they decide to get a divorce. While you may feel tempted to try to get revenge on your ex-spouse for things he or she did wrong, this isn’t the time. It’s also important to understand your goal isn’t to come out the winner in the situation. Instead, it’s better to enter into divorce mediation with an open mind that allows you to focus on developing an agreement that works for everyone’s needs.

2. Avoiding Critical Decisions

There are certain things the state of California requires to be decided during your divorce. For instance, couples with kids must submit a plan for child custody, visitation, and support. While you may want to avoid talking about tough topics, the truth is these decisions must be made sooner or later. Choose to work through them now so your mediation effort doesn’t end in failure.

3. Failing to Disclose Essential Information

Your divorce mediator will ask you and your ex-spouse for essential information. For instance, you’ll need a list of assets and debts. You may also need to furnish your kids’ schedules and other details that help you all stay on the same page. If you fail to disclose essential information, the truth will eventually come out. Omitting details can also cause your agreement to be rejected by the court if it’s discovered you haven’t told the full truth about your situation.

4. Listening to Bad Advice from Others

When you get a divorce, you need to rely on the support of your family and friends. However, everyone’s divorce is different. Don’t get tripped up by listening to bad advice from people who claim to have been in your shoes, as this could cause you to enter the process with a negative attitude or the wrong information for handling decisions.

5. Skipping Mediation Appointments

Your life is busy, but it’s essential to attend every mediation appointment. Skipping them causes the process to be drawn out longer. Your ex-spouse may also become frustrated and seek other types of divorce arrangements. Try to attend every appointment and be on time. If you must miss one, make sure it’s for a good reason.

6. Refusing to Try to See the Other Side

While it may be difficult to see things from your ex-spouse’s perspective, it’s important to try to see what he or she is thinking. Be willing to see it as a process whose goal is mutual satisfaction, and it’ll be easier to make decisions that are for the greater good.

These are just a few ways divorce mediation could fail if the parties aren’t ready to commit to the process. Nevertheless, for couples in San Diego, divorce mediation may be the ideal choice when they’re ready to go their separate ways. If you’re interested in learning more about how mediation works and why more people are choosing it every day, call the mediation experts at Divorce Options San Diego at 858-281-2628.