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Point in Marriage Do Divorces Most Commonly Happen in Solana Beach, Ca,

At What Point in Marriage Do Divorces Most Commonly Happen?

Even though divorce rates are declining, a recent study funded by the CDC revealed around half of all marriages still end in divorce or legal separation. While a divorce can happen at any time, most relationship experts agree there are a few periods in a marriage that seem to be a little more difficult for the average couple. The experts at Divorce Options San Diego—experienced professionals who provide premier San Diego divorce mediation services to couples seeking creative divorce solutions—offer a look at which years tend to be the most problematic for couples and how mediation can be your best solution if you think you might be ready for a divorce.

The Honeymoon Period

The first few months of marriage are usually referred to as the honeymoon period, and the months following that stage can be incredibly difficult. According to one study funded by the University of Virginia, around 10 percent of divorces occur within the first 24 months. The novelty of marriage often wears off during that period, and some people begin to notice glaring flaws in their partners. Getting divorced after just a few months of being married might seem like a mistake, but moving past a bad relationship is usually better for both spouses in the long run.

The Stable Third & Fourth Years

Census data suggests most couples tend to be relatively content during the third and fourth years of marriage. By that point, they’ve probably worked through most minor issues and found a good balance with each other. That’s also the time frame in which many couples have their first child, and studies show having children greatly reduces a couple’s risk of divorce. Some couples also begin making major purchases during that time, and those long-term investments can make divorce seem much more complicated. Once a couple has children and a home, working through minor problems often seems like a better option than separating.

The Seven-Year Slump

Unfortunately, there’s another major leap in the divorce rate around seven or eight years after couples get married. According to the most recent census data, the average marriage that ends in divorce lasts for eight years, and the initial separation usually begins in the seventh year. There are quite a few theories as to why so many people get divorced around that time, and a wide variety of variables must be taken into consideration, including the spouses’ ages, how many children they have, what mutual assets they share, and how satisfied they are with their lives outside their marriage.

The Divorce: Mediation Can Be Your Best Option

Getting a divorce is never going to be easy, but there are some steps you can take to ease the stress that accompanies the process. If you’re seriously thinking about separating, you should immediately contact San Diego divorce mediators to explore your options. Experienced mediators can make sure all parties are being treated fairly, which is going to be very beneficial in the long run. Mediators can also help with issues such as the division of assets and which parent is going to be the primary caregiver for the children.

When divorcing couples are looking for opportunities to make the process as smooth, respectful, and amicable as possible, divorce mediation offers a fantastic alternative to the animosity and high costs of traditional divorce. Couples trust Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced divorce mediators to handle every aspect of their divorces quickly and with compassion. To learn how divorce mediation might be the right choice for you, call the expert mediators at Divorce Options San Diego today at 858-281-2628.