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7 Ways Divorce Mediation Is a Better Choice than Going to Court

Going through a divorce is never going to be enjoyable, but a mediator can make the process as convenient and relatively pain free as possible. The mediator functions as a neutral third party who encourages both spouses to freely discuss sensitive subjects and make difficult decisions without becoming acrimonious. Choosing to work with San Diego divorce mediators instead of lawyers allows you to access these great benefits.

1. Faster Resolution of Issues

When you go through the court to deal with any issues between you and your ex-partner, it tends to be a long, drawn-out process. Choosing the mediation method of divorcing instead is much quicker, which is ideal for those who want to just finish up the divorce fast so they can move on with their lives.

2. Creative Solutions

When people are divorcing in a court of law, they’re limited by what the law covers. Judges focus more on fulfilling the precise definitions of divorce law instead of making both parties happy. In mediation, more creative solutions are allowed. Parties are free to discuss things that might seem petty or irrelevant in a divorce court instead of being forced into a “one size fits all” solution.

3. Less Expensive Fees

Lawyers are notorious for charging high fees, and this can add up quickly when your lawyer is spending hours going through finances and communicating with your ex’s attorney. Mediation fees are normally a bit cheaper per hour than attorney’s fees, and since mediation takes less time, it costs far less in the long run. On average, mediation costs about half as much as using a divorce attorney.

4. Reduced Stress

When you work with divorce lawyers, every interaction is essentially an argument between your party and the other party. Mediation differs from litigation in that it isn’t about one side trying to prove a point or show that the other side is in the wrong. Instead, it’s all about finding an agreement that’s mutually satisfying to both parties. This more collaborative and stress-free approach can give you a lot more peace of mind during the divorce process.

5. Confidential Discussions

The typical divorce in a court can be awkward and embarrassing. You may end up having to air your dirty laundry in front of your lawyers, the judge, witnesses, and other people in the courtroom waiting to see the judge. Mediation tends to be far more confidential, since you can pick any private location you desire. Only you, your ex-spouse, and the mediator will have records of what took place during the discussion.

6. Better Familial Relationships

If children are involved, maintaining a positive relationship with your co-parent helps your child have a happier childhood without constant parental conflict. Since mediation encourages couples to work together, you’re less likely to have bitter arguments that could sour familial relationships for years to come.

7. More Control Over Final Resolution

Mediation uses a team-based approach to create agreements that provide mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. You have control over the situation, giving you and your spouse the opportunity to work together to arrive at resolutions that are reciprocal and consider everyone’s best interests. The final settlement agreement is determined solely by the agreements made by the couple. 

These are just a few of the many ways mediation can be a better choice for you and your family when it comes to dissolving your marriage. For couples in San Diego, divorce mediation may be the ideal choice when they’re ready to go their separate ways. If you’re interested in learning more about how mediation works and why more people are choosing it every day, call the mediation experts at Divorce Options San Diego at 858-281-2628.