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Why Do So Many Celebrity Marriages End in Divorce?

With the news cycle constantly discussing celebrity divorce drama, it seems like celebrities get divorced far more often than the average couple. It turns out this perception is true, with celebrities having a divorce rate almost twice as high as the national average. There are a few key factors that tend to make celebrity divorces so common.

Differing Lifestyles

Celebrities might congregate together in cities like Los Angeles and New York, but it’s important to remember they come from all walks of life, which means the average celebrity marriage can end up with intense cultural differences. One partner may be a very conservative person from a small Midwestern town, while the other is a cosmopolitan socialite who grew up hopping between international cities. These different backgrounds can cause a lot of conflict once a couple decides to settle down and have kids.

Economic Security

A sad reality behind the lower divorce rates of past decades was that many couples wanted to divorce but couldn’t due to financial issues. The average couple may struggle with finances to support two separate households, especially if one person has spent years being a homemaker instead of building a career. Celebrities tend to be fairly well off, so they can divorce instead of being stuck in a marriage due to financial worries. However, sometimes it costs more to divorce than to stay married, so in some cases, the logic goes in the opposite direction.

The high cost of hiring divorce attorneys is still a major concern for couples, whether they’re celebrities or not, but there is an alternative. All the financial, legal, and practical aspects of respectful divorce agreements can be managed by Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced, trustworthy divorce mediators. San Diego couples can rely on our specialized comprehensive process, which is so thorough they won’t need to hire attorneys.

Big Age Gaps

Unlike many other fields of work, the entertainment industry throws people of a lot of different ages together. There are often marriages with huge age gaps, since people of all ages have the funds to maintain their youthful looks, and many younger people may be attracted to the wealth and power of established celebrities. The huge differences in life experience that come with this type of age gap often result in marital problems. Of course there are exceptions, but in general, marriages with a big age gap are less likely to work out.

A 2014 Emory University study suggested a significant correlation between age gap and divorce. Couples with ages falling within 5 years of each other were much less likely to divorce than couples who had age gaps of 10 or 20 years. Statistically, a 5-year age gap translates to an 18 percent higher likelihood of divorce (versus just 3 percent for a 1-year age difference), and that rate climbs to 39 percent for a 10-year age difference and 95 percent for a 20-year age gap.

Busier Schedules

When celebrities get divorced, one of their most common reasons is “we grew apart.” This might sound vague, but it’s often the reality for celebrities. The typical couple spends almost every day together, getting plenty of opportunities to build a life together. However, celebrities who have to shoot on location for months, go on extended tours of the country, and fly across the world for business meetings find it more difficult to make time for each other. Over time, this sense of separation can lead to a couple with very different goals and interests.

No matter what their industries or income levels, couples who want to make the divorce process as smooth, respectful, and amicable as possible can choose a fantastic alternative to the hostility and high expense of traditional divorce: divorce mediation. San Diego couples trust Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced divorce mediators to handle every aspect of their divorces, and our focus is on ensuring fairness and mutual satisfaction for both spouses. To learn more about how divorce mediation can be the best option for you, call the expert mediators at Divorce Options San Diego today at (858) 281-2628.