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Which Occupations Have the Highest Rate of Divorce in Solana Beach, Ca,

Occupations with the Highest Rates of Divorce

There are many reasons for people to get divorced, and as it turns out, your job (or your spouse’s job) could even play a role in your ultimate decision to end your marriage. Studies have shown people who work in certain industries or have particular careers are less likely to stay married than those who work elsewhere. The experts from Divorce Options San Diego—multiskilled professionals who provide premier San Diego divorce mediation services to couples seeking creative divorce solutions—offer this list of professions with the highest divorce rates. If you or your spouse do any of the jobs listed below, you may want to take note so you can avoid the problems other couples in similar positions have faced.


You’re probably not surprised to see bartending on the list. After all, the setup is perfect for creating potential problems within a marriage. Bartenders work long hours, usually late into the night. Alcohol is all around, and so are desperate people who are looking for someone to listen to their problems. Bartenders often become a hybrid of therapist and best friend, which can open the door to more intimate relationships and affairs.


Dancers are next on the list, and this sort of extends into the entertainment industry as a whole. However, dancers seem to have particular difficulty maintaining healthy marriages. It could be the intimacy those in this profession experience with partners who aren’t their spouses, which can lead to stronger bonds with people outside the marriage and create jealousy within marital relationships.

Casino Employees

Gaming managers who work in casinos also top the list. Casinos are places where people let loose with alcohol and money—the perfect recipe for marital disaster. Not only does the “anything goes” atmosphere play a role in breaking up marriages, but the long hours can impact a relationship as well.

Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant often means spending long hours, sometimes days and weeks at a time, away from home. As you might suspect, this can put a major strain on a marriage. Your spouse may grow tired of you being away all the time, and even when you’re home, you’re probably resting up for your next trip. Spending every night in a different city makes it hard to maintain an intimate relationship.


While temptation may impact the marriages of bartenders and casino workers, nurses aren’t typically falling for their own patients. However, they’re stressed, overworked, and spending long hours taking care of people who are sick or dying. Often, the last thing they want to do is come home and take care of someone else, which can be hard for the spouse who doesn’t work in the healthcare field, and it may even lead nurses to seek comfort from people outside their marriages who do work in their industry and understand what they go through each day.

Factory Workers

Almost all types of factory workers are at risk for divorce. Much of it has to do with low wages. Finances can play a major role in the stability of marriages, and this is especially true for those who don’t have the money to pay for the things they want or need. Anxiety about finances can add a great deal of stress to a relationship and may eventually lead to divorce.

No matter what professions couples practice, ending a marriage can be much less stressful when they choose divorce mediation instead of taking the traditional attorney-centered litigation route. Couples seeking an alternative to the typical contentious, time-consuming divorce process should reach out to Divorce Options San Diego. As premier San Diego divorce mediators, we manage every aspect—legal, financial, and psychological—of divorce for couples who want to dissolve their marriages amicably and with mutual respect. To learn more about our revolutionary approach to divorce, give us a call today at (858) 281-2628.