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What is The Time Period of Divorce Mediation in Solana Beach, Ca,

How Long Is the Divorce Mediation Process?

When you decided to get your divorce, one of your biggest questions was likely how long the whole process would take. Going through a divorce can leave certain parts of your life in limbo, and you’re naturally eager to get things straightened out. As you get ready to enter divorce mediation, here’s what you should know about how long it typically takes and what you can do to keep things moving at a smooth pace, brought to you by Divorce Options San Diego, San Diego divorce mediators who offer a one-stop shop approach for couples looking for a way to dissolve their marriages amicably and with mutual respect.

Consider the Average Time Required

There truly isn’t a cookie-cutter divorce, since everyone’s finances, family dynamics, and children are different, which is why mediation is considered more beneficial than just going to court. In mediation, you and your spouse get to have more say about how important decisions are made. You may even know someone who has been through the process themselves. In most cases, mediation is completed within four to six weeks. However, some people can take much longer, and this may be the case for you if your situation is complicated.

Think About Your Situation

During your first mediation appointment, you can expect to go over some basic details about your marriage, such as the assets you have in common as well as your family dynamics. For instance, you may have started a family business together or gained a large inheritance. These types of situations may lengthen the amount of time you spend in mediation, and this may be especially true if you and your spouse don’t agree on essential things, such as who should have child custody. While the point of mediation is to work these things out, it can take longer for some people than for others.

Understand the Importance of Not Rushing

People enter a divorce with different mindsets, and it’s common for one or both partners to just want to get the whole thing over with. Finishing mediation is a huge step toward moving on with your life, yet you shouldn’t rush the process. Each mediation appointment addresses critical decisions that impact the rest of your life. In many cases, you’re also making decisions that affect your children, other family members, and pets. Rushing through any one of these decisions can lead to costly mistakes, and trying to reverse a divorce agreement is much more difficult than just doing it the way you feel is right the first time.

Remember Your Role in Successful Mediation

While you and your spouse shouldn’t just agree to everything so you can get it over with, you should also remember not to be so antagonistic that nothing gets accomplished. When you find yourself saying no to your spouse, consider your reasons. If you’re both willing to work through the process with open minds, you’ll find that with high-quality mediation, little to no compromise will be necessary. Instead, the team from Divorce Options San Diego focuses on creating new value and identifying different options.

For couples in San Diego, divorce mediation may be the ideal choice when they’re ready to go their separate ways. If you’re interested in learning more about how mediation works and why more people are choosing it every day, call the mediation experts at Divorce Options San Diego at 858-281-2628.