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Which Subjects Couples Should Talk About with their Divorce Mediators in Solana Beach, Ca,

5 Subjects Couples Should Talk About with their Divorce Mediators

Filing for divorce is only one part of ending your marriage. The real hard work comes during mediation, when you need to work out your differences with your spouse while maintaining a civil relationship. During this time, you’ll cover a wide range of topics with your divorce mediator so both of you get what you need when the marriage is over. The experts from Divorce Options San Diego—experienced professionals who provide premier San Diego divorce mediation services to couples seeking creative divorce solutions—suggest focusing on these five topics that encompass many of the issues you need to talk about with your mediator.

1. Expectations About the Process

Most people have never gone through a divorce before, and you should know what you need to do. Your mediator can help you with things such as filing your initial paperwork. He or she can also tell you what will happen as the process continues. For instance, there’s a brief waiting period for all couples in California before their divorces are finalized.

2. Immediate Concerns

You may have issues that must be addressed as soon as possible. For example, one of you may want to stay in the family home or retain temporary custody of your children. These issues may be something your spouse agrees on, or you may already need the mediator to help you come to an agreement. Either way, the mediator can help you understand the legal rights of both parties along with helping you draft a temporary agreement to live by while you finish your divorce.

3. Legal and Physical Custody Issues

Child custody is one of the most important issues associated with divorce. You and your spouse will need to decide who will have legal custody of the children, which includes the right to make essential decisions about where the children live as well as their education and healthcare. Often, this right is expected to be shared to the fullest extent possible by both parents, but you may still need to outline where the children will live the majority of the time. You’ll also want to work out a physical custody or visitation agreement that determines where your children spend their time on weekends and holidays.

4. Child and Spousal Support

In California, spousal support is paid under certain circumstances. It’s also common for the parent the children live with the majority of the time to receive child support. However, both of these types of support can vary significantly in terms of how they’re handled by couples. Your mediator can help you understand California laws regarding support so you can create an agreement that receives court approval.

5. Property Distribution

This topic covers everything you must split up during the marriage, and it includes both your assets and debts. For this part of your discussions, you may need to gather documents and other information about things such as your bank accounts, physical property, and anything else that needs to be divided, such as investment funds.

Divorce Options San Diego can handle every aspect of your divorce for you, including parenting arrangements and complicated financial matters, so you won’t need to hire expensive attorneys. As San Diego divorce mediators, we offer a one-stop shop approach for couples who are looking for a way to dissolve their marriages amicably and with mutual respect. To learn more about our groundbreaking approach to divorce, give us a call today at 858-281-2628.