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How Much Time Does it Takes to Finalize Divorce After Mediation in Solana Beach, Ca,

When Does a Divorce Become Final After Mediation?

Using mediation to negotiate the terms of your divorce could prevent a long, drawn-out court battle that’s stressful on your entire family. With mediation, both parties can discuss and resolve their issues, making sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Divorce Options San Diego—professionals who are revolutionizing the divorce process with expert divorce mediation San Diego couples rely on to create optimal customized divorce solutions—offer this advice about the mediation process, including how long it takes for a divorce to be final after the process is complete.


The mediator doesn’t make any decisions for the couple. Instead, he or she serves as a facilitator as you and your spouse determine what’s best in your situation. Having a mediator provides many benefits, such as eliminating the expenses that come with court trials and countless hearings. The mediation process is confidential, so you don’t have to worry about the public accessing your records. Choosing this process allows you and your spouse to stay in control, and it could prevent future conflicts. A mediator can help you and your spouse brainstorm and stay on track, making sure you each have an equal opportunity to voice your concerns and wishes. The ultimate goal of mediation is to help you both develop a compromise that works.

Completing the Agreement

Once both parties have found an amicable solution, the mediator writes an agreement, which typically includes items such as parenting schedules and the division of property and finances. The documents from the mediation agreement are incorporated into all your divorce paperwork and filed accordingly. Now that the document is part of your divorce judgment, the court has the power to enforce the terms if either party doesn’t abide by the agreement. At Divorce Options San Diego, we actually write the marital settlement agreement and not just a memorandum of understanding. The case goes through several departments, and our firm monitors progress.


Clients who hire Divorce Options San Diego can expect it to take 4–6 weeks to finish the filing, and then there’s a 6-month waiting period before the divorce is final. Our process is much more efficient and less time-consuming than other mediators, who often take more time to file. If couples choose to hire lawyers and take the traditional litigation route, it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 years for the divorce to become final.

All the financial, legal, psychological, and practical aspects of amicable, respectful divorce agreements can be managed by Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced, trustworthy divorce mediators. San Diego couples can rely on our specialized comprehensive process, which is so thorough they won’t need to hire attorneys. To learn how we can help you with every aspect of your divorce, call us today at (858) 281-2628.