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Unique Challenges Millennials Face in Marriage & Divorce in Solana Beach, Ca,

Marriage & Divorce for Millennials: Facing Unique Challenges

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about your individual situation, it’s best to seek the advice of an experienced legal professional.

If millennials are doing marriage and divorce differently, that means they face different challenges. Millennials may have higher expectations of themselves, their relationships, and their partners. They may also have to navigate more complex financial landscapes in a world where everything costs more. In a community property state like California, this means debt can be shared, which is a big issue for millennials, many of whom have high student debt. The team at Divorce Options San Diego are divorce mediators San Diego couples rely on because we’re qualified financial planners with a variety of mathematical and psychoanalytical tools to help people come to a fair assessment of their shared and separate property.

The challenges millennials face in their marriages can be reflected in their divorces. Mediation can tease out some of these complications to ensure millennials get the amicable divorces they seek.

  • Equal earning power, equal share? – Women are now pulling their weight financially in marriages, which has changed the relationship dynamic, not only in terms of household chores but also when assets are divided and child custody is decided. In a community property state such as California, the question of “what’s mine and what’s yours” can be troublesome. Millennials often have separate bank accounts, but some may not realize this doesn’t entitle each of them to walk away with his or her own money. At Divorce Options San Diego, we apply financial expertise and thorough research to help millennials come to the fairest understanding of their marital contributions and how to part equitably.
  • Not married, but still “divorcing” – Many millennials may live together and even have children but haven’t made firm arrangements about what to do if they split. Splitting can cause major upheaval, with partners suddenly coming into conflict over their “stuff.” At Divorce Options San Diego, we can help cohabiting millennials either plan for divorce by mediating a cohabitation agreement or mediating property division and child custody in a fair way.
  • Getting married later and fertility issues – Family law is seeing an increase in conflicts over assisted reproductive technology. Putting off reproduction means a member of a couple who visited a fertility clinic before their divorce may still have the ability to reproduce but not have the consent of his or her ex-spouse. It’s important that millennials are upfront about these issues early on. Ultimately, courts will decide this issue. Couples can open a dialogue about these issues using mediation, and they can even draft binding agreements in a prenup or postnup.
  • College education and student debt – One of the hallmarks of millennial marriage is more college-educated people marrying each other. Student debt is one of the more aggressive forms of debt, and it can be a burden throughout marriages and beyond. The mediators at Divorce Options San Diego can help divorcing partners work out a plan that protects the financial health of both partners.
  • Same-sex marriage and nontraditional families – California recently recognized “tri-parenting,” giving legal status to a third parent in a child’s life. With the dawn of marriage equality and the increasing role of assisted reproductive technology, families have become more sprawling and complex, which can generate its own problems. Mediation is a useful way of negotiating these family dynamics to keep relationships and families focused on mutual benefit.
  • Greater property and childcare costs – Divorcing couples in cities like San Diego may find that property and childcare costs make divorce a daunting prospect. Couples often choose to live together after divorce. Others are choosing more expensive co-parenting arrangements such as nesting. At Divorce Options San Diego, we realize the impact that hidden elements such as the design of your space can have on your relationships. We help couples redesign their spaces after divorce or learn how to work within the existing limitations of their spaces. We empower divorcing partners to take control of their futures by optimizing their shared property rather than losing it in an adversarial divorce.
  • High expectations of themselves – Millennials who have college degrees, debt, high rent/mortgages, and stressful jobs are under a lot of pressure. Those in same-sex marriages may also feel pressure to live the fairy tale in which “love wins.” Divorce can be emotionally difficult for young people who have invested a lot in their relationships and may see marriage as the apex of a successful life. Divorce mediation can help millennials manage the divorce transition. For couples who don’t want to divorce, marital mediation is a way to renew the terms of their relationships and refresh marriages in a practical and goal-oriented way.










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