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Signs Your Marriage May Be Ending in Solana Beach, Ca,

5 Indications Your Marriage May Be Ending

Divorce is one of those events in life that people sometimes just don’t see coming until the last second. Alternatively, some people know they need a divorce for years before they finally get the courage to stop living in denial. Either way, the San Diego divorce mediation experts from Divorce Options San Diego suggest these five warning signs should alert you to the need to prepare for the possible ending of your marriage.

1. You’re No Longer Physically Affectionate

That initial romantic spark you felt at the beginning of your marriage may wane over the years as life’s challenges interfere. However, you and your partner should still find each other physically attractive, whether you express it with a kiss when you get home from work or a quick pat on the back as you walk by each other. You should worry if all physical interactions suddenly stop.

2. You Struggle Through Every Interaction

Trying to plan what to eat for dinner shouldn’t be a terrible struggle every day. The same goes for things such as dealing with your child’s behavior or even choosing something to watch on television. When every one of your daily interactions is filled with strife, you should be concerned about what’s causing constant tension between you and your spouse.

3. You Feel Contempt or Resentment Toward Your Spouse

Your spouse may have made some mistakes during your marriage. They could be big ones, such as having an affair or mismanaging your finances. They might also be small ones, such as failing to pick up after him or herself or do his or her share of the housework. Once resentment creeps in, it may be difficult to look at your partner as an equal who helps you just as much as you help him or her. Contempt can also turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your spouse will pick up on your resentment and often do exactly what you expect him or her to do. Although these issues can sometimes be resolved with counseling, some couples are never able to overcome these emotions.

4. You’re Living Separate Lives

You may wake up in separate beds and barely speak to each other throughout the day. On the weekends, you may do one activity while your spouse does another. The discovery that you no longer seem to have the same interests or even share a desire to do things together is another warning sign a divorce may be imminent. After all, it can sometimes feel like you’re already divorced even when you share the same house.

5. You Don’t Communicate Well with Each Other

Communication issues are a major cause for divorce. Yelling, stonewalling, gaslighting, and other poor communication techniques can all cause resentment to build in a relationship. As with many marital issues, these can sometimes be resolved. However, it takes a concentrated effort from both parties. If you do need a divorce due to poor communication, working with a mediator is the best way to navigate your way to an acceptable agreement.

If you’re at the point where you think divorce is the right choice for you, there are alternatives to hiring a lawyer and having to make countless court appearances. The expert San Diego divorce mediators at Divorce Options San Diego provide a one-stop shop, offering comprehensive services that cover all aspects of divorce, from beginning to end. Give us a call today at 858-281-2628.