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Tips for Preparing Yourself Emotionally for Your Divorce

Divorce is a major life change that can cause you to feel like your life is going in 20 different directions at once. Throughout the next stages in the process, you can expect to encounter new stresses and decisions that could test your emotional wellbeing. The team of psychological, legal, and financial experts at Divorce Options San Diego—professionals who are revolutionizing the divorce process with divorce mediation San Diego couples trust to help them create amicable, customized divorce solutions—offer this explanation of how taking the time to prepare emotionally can help you feel strong and ready to face the future with confidence.

Expect Your Emotions to Fluctuate

People feel different things during a divorce, and it’s not always as simple as feeling either happy or sad. At one moment, you might feel relieved that the hard days of your marriage are over. The next moment you might find yourself feeling afraid about the future. Anger, anxiety, joy, and grief are all normal emotions during divorce. You might even experience several conflicting emotions at once, and knowing this is normal can help you accept each feeling as it comes.

Try to Find a Sense of Closure

Your divorce represents a new beginning in life, but it’s also important to acknowledge that it’s an ending to many of your previous expectations about what would happen in the future. You need to take some time to find a sense of closure that helps you move on from the past. If you didn’t originally want the divorce, this might mean accepting what you can’t change. You may also want to do something tangible to find closure, such as planning a trip or going to an event you might not have attended with your spouse.

Begin to Envision Your Future

Just thinking about the future might cause anxiety if you haven’t taken steps to begin making critical decisions about your divorce. Make some time in your day to begin creating a vision of how you want your new single life to be. You can use this vision as a guide for your divorce mediation, and getting some basic decisions made in mediation can alleviate many of your worries.

Cultivate a New Hobby or Interest

Distractions can keep you from completely focusing on your divorce, and you need some things to keep you busy when you start to feel stressed. Consider redecorating your living space so it feels more like your own. You can also step out and take a class that helps you make new friends. Finding new hobbies can help you see you’re making progress with your personal development.

Let People Know How to Help

You should put together an emotional support network to help you through your divorce. Many people may not know what to do or say. Be honest with the people in your life who want to help, and let them know how you feel. They’ll find it easier to give you support when they know if you’re feeling happy or sad. You can also let them know when you want to talk about something else or do something unrelated to the divorce as a distraction.

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