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Tips for Reducing the Stress of the Divorce Process

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you can experience. In fact, people often find there are moments of tension even when they choose to keep things amicable. When you know your marriage must end, you can use these strategies to keep things as stress free as possible.

Agree to Use Positive Communication

Now that you’ve decided to get a divorce, it’s time to let go of the past. It no longer matters who was right or wrong during the marriage, and doing things such as name-calling only makes things worse. Make an agreement with your ex-partner to only use positive language during your discussions. If you find you’re beginning to speak harshly or argue, take a break. All your decisions regarding the divorce don’t have to be decided in one day.

Put Your Kids and Pets First

Many marriages that end involve children and/or pets. Making sure they come first is often the one thing couples can agree on during their divorces. While your thoughts about what’s best for them may differ from your ex-partner’s, this concept can remind you both of why it’s important to keep things civil. When you’re dropping off the kids or meeting for pet visitation, try to avoid discussing the divorce. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do this later, and it’s best for the children and animals to benefit from both of you showing them support.

Hire a Divorce Mediator

Divorce lawyers can sometimes create drama you didn’t even know existed. For instance, they may recommend fighting for something you really don’t care about. Pitting two lawyers against each other also sets a bad precedent for keeping things civil. Instead of using lawyers, consider hiring divorce mediators. San Diego couples who use the mediation process effectively talk through decisions that affect things such as child custody and the division of property. While this process can take some time, it can help you both feel more in control of what happens with your lives. Working things out in a mediation environment versus a courtroom is also less stressful in general.

Find Ways to Release Your Tension

Your mediation meetings will go better when you show up already relaxed and ready to communicate positively. Use this time to start taking better care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, and get to sleep on time. You can also add a few relaxation strategies to your normal routine. Try journaling about the issues that bother you surrounding your divorce. Alternatively, you can spend some time meditating upon what you envision happening in your future. Playing a sport or pursuing a new hobby also gives you positive things to focus on so you can better manage your stress.

If you and your spouse want to reduce the amount of stress involved in your divorce, the answer you’re seeking may be in divorce mediation. San Diego couples can have every aspect of their divorces handled without the need to hire attorneys, go to court, or spend a small fortune. To learn more about how divorce mediation can be the ideal option for you and your family, call the expert mediators at Divorce Options San Diego today at (858) 281-2628.