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Divorce Expenses in Solana Beach, Ca,

What Expenses Are Involved in Divorce?

Divorce often generates some financial hardship, since it frequently leads to challenges such as spouses having to live on less income than before. During your divorce, you can expect to have expenses add up by the time the dissolution of your marriage is final. Understanding how much divorce costs gives you a better idea of how to plan financially for the next stage of your life. The team from Divorce Options San Diego—the experts in San Diego divorce mediation who offer a comprehensive alternative to expensive, time-consuming divorce litigation—explain how much divorces cost and how using a mediator can lower those costs significantly.

Common Expenses Incurred During a Divorce

There are certain expenses most people have to pay in California before they can get divorced. Since your divorce must be approved by the court, you’ll need to pay fees when you first file your petition for divorce. These fees are currently $435 each for both petitioner and respondent. If you’re the one initiating the divorce, you may also have other costs to cover, such as the fee required to have someone serve your spouse with the divorce papers. It’s also common to incur a few other expenses, such as having to pay for copies of important documents.

Factors that Influence How Much a Divorce Costs

There isn’t one single cookie-cutter type of divorce. Instead, your divorce involves working through a very personalized process to make decisions regarding the different aspects of your marriage. For some people, a divorce is quick and accomplished within a few short months. For others, it can drag out for years. Naturally, a divorce process that lasts for years and requires assistance from multiple professionals will cost more than one in which you’re able to keep things amicable.

Cost Difference Between Hiring Lawyers vs. Using a Mediator

One of the biggest costs you can face during a divorce is for the services lawyers and mediators provide. As a general rule, lawyers charge more than mediators. Since lawyers only work for one person at a time, you and your spouse will each need to hire your own, which at least doubles the cost of working out a divorce agreement. A two-lawyer approach can range from $50,000 to $250,000, depending on the complexity of the divorce and the level of conflict. Using both lawyers and mediators will cost about the same as hiring attorneys alone. Mediators are neutral parties who help both people involved in the divorce, which means you only have to pay one person or mediation team. At Divorce Options San Diego, our approach costs, on average, between $10,000 and $15,000.

How to Avoid a Difficult and Expensive Divorce

Most people prefer to keep their divorces as simple as possible, since it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. You and your spouse both have the ability to choose to work together to come up with an agreement everyone can live with. An experienced mediator can help you keep your divorce from becoming combative so you won’t have to go through a court trial that costs more in the long run. Although there may be a few challenges along the way, choosing to keep an open and positive mindset can help you avoid the most expensive issues that arise during a divorce.

Couples looking for an alternative to the enormously expensive adversarial manner in which divorces are usually handled should reach out to the experienced professionals at Divorce Options San Diego. We’re San Diego divorce mediators you can trust to help you dissolve your marriage in a way that’s based on respect and mutual satisfaction. Give us a call today at (858) 281-2628 to learn more.