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Main Advantages of Hiring a Divorce Mediator in Solana Beach, Ca,

6 Top Advantages of Hiring a Divorce Mediator

A divorce is one of those major life events you might not have planned for but will never forget. Many people fight it out in court and ruin any possible chance of maintaining positive views of their ex-spouses. When they choose divorce mediation, San Diego couples get the chance to take the high road and make decisions for their families without resorting to messy court battles.

1. Serve as a Role Model for Your Kids

When you have kids, you must remember that you and your spouse aren’t the only ones going through a divorce. Whether you realize it or not, your kids are watching how you handle this situation. They may overhear you or your spouse talking to others about your divorce behind closed doors. Divorce mediation helps you keep things civil so your kids learn how to handle challenging situations with grace.

2. Protect Your Private Information

Family law cases are often considered public information when they go to court. Divorce mediation is not. Essentially, what happens during mediation stays there until you’re ready to present your final agreement to the judge. Even then, you avoid having to go through a public court trial, during which your private information can be spilled to the media. Working through a mediator also means working with one person rather than two lawyers, which further increases your privacy.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Court Delays

In California, you already have to deal with a six-month waiting period to get your divorce finalized. Mediation helps you avoid making it take even longer by having to wait for a court date. Court sessions often get delayed and rescheduled for a variety of reasons, and you may face having to wait an extra month or two. Having all your paperwork ready to go makes the approval process move faster because you don’t have to wait for a trial.

4. Start a New Chapter in Your Relationship

Your marriage might not have worked out, but you may not be able to completely go your separate ways. Whether you have kids, pets, or a business together, you may still need to be in regular contact with your spouse after the divorce. Keeping things civil during mediation helps you treat each other with respect, which makes it easier to work together in the future.

5. Minimize Legal Costs

Divorces are expensive when you take the route of paying for two separate lawyers. If you and your spouse cannot agree on important issues, you can also expect the lawyers to request multiple court dates, which further increase the cost of your divorce. With a mediator, you and your spouse pay only one person, which helps you save money on your divorce.

6. Feel Better About Your Final Agreement

You don’t want to be told by a judge when you can see your kids or whether you can keep your house. You’ve worked hard to build your family and your life over the years, and it just makes sense for you and your spouse to choose to control these decisions yourselves. While you may need to compromise with your spouse on some issues, you don’t have to let anyone else control what happens if you choose to work it out through mediation.

These are just a few of the many benefits you and your family can gain when you choose divorce mediation to dissolve your marriage. If you’re interested in learning more about how mediation works and why more people are choosing it every day, reach out to the divorce mediators San Diego couples trust to create amicable solutions that honor the needs and desires of the whole family. Give the mediation experts at Divorce Options San Diego a call today at (858) 281-2628.