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Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans

San Diego Court Parenting Plans

A separation or divorce affects every member of the family, including the children. The parents need to come to some sort of resolution regarding the children that keeps the best interests of the young ones in mind. At Divorce Options San Diego, divorce mediation keeps the focus on the children so the parents can walk away from the table knowing they’ve made the best choices possible for their kids.

Developmental Needs of the Child

We’ll help you look at the developmental needs of your children based on their current ages. If your children have any special needs, these will also be taken into account. In some cases there may need to be a small amount of flexibility that addresses the children’s needs as they age. Any clauses added in this regard need to be feasible and written in a clear fashion and format. When there’s a lot of animosity involved and conflict between the two parents the details in the parenting plan must be written precisely. This way, there will be nothing in the document that can be misconstrued at a later date and both parties will be well aware of the financial and custodial obligations involved. Parenting plans can be legally submitted by a mediator to the court, and once they are signed off by a judge they become binding. When you use a mediator you can make the final decisions about your child’s welfare without leaving it in the hands of a thirdparty. You know your children best, and leaving their destiny up to a judge isn’t the wisest decision to make.

Learn more about mediation and how it can benefit the children of the marriage before deciding to take the long and arduous judicial route

Child Custody Parenting Plan

The parenting plan drafted for your situation will be based on a solution that’s agreed upon by both parties. The wording won’t be ambiguous but rather clearcut so each spouse knows exactly what his or her rights and obligations are. Problems arise from parenting plans that are vague and don’t correctly outline all of the factors involved. We make sure nothing is left to chance and everything is covered in the plan before it’s signed off.

Mediation for Parenting Plans

Our job is to draft extensive and specific parenting plans to create sustainability and cooperation based on long-term shared parenting, which can include international and multistate parenting plans when required. Mediation allows the parents to come together in a cooperative effort to take a look at all of the factors involved both on a short-term and a long-term basis. This way, a positive and fair resolution can be made, allowing the child or children to spend time with each of the parents and be financially supported by both of them.

At Divorce Options, our divorce mediators in San Diego, CA, provide a better arrangement for the whole family and give creative, sustainable, long-term solutions. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation at (858) 688-4871.

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