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A Personal Injury suit can come up when someone is harmed

The harm occurred can be physical, mental, or even financial. Personal Injury suits are typically resolved in one of two ways: through a formal lawsuit, or through informal, out-of-court negotiations between the parties involved. There is often a time limit for when one person can file a claim against another for personal injury.

For cases where the personal injury suit is due to the breach of a contract, the Statute of Limitations is 4 years for written contracts, and 2 years for oral contracts.


The types of damages that can be claimed in a personal injury suit. Here is a run down of some common types of damages:

  1. Compensation for medical bills accrued
  2. Pain and suffering
  3. Lost wages as a result of the injury
  4. Emotional distress
  5. Wrongful death


Consumers should be able to trust that the products they purchase are safe when used as designed. Unfortunately, consumers are often injured by common products and devices they use every day.

Design defects: This is the case where a product imperfection occurs when the seller or distributor could have reduced or avoided a foreseeable risk of harm.


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