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Who: Divorce Options San Diego is the natural choice for our highly educated and professional clientele. We provide services that others simply do not offer in divorce mediation, such as including a client’s CPA in financial matters and helping a client move. We provide cost-efficient and cooperative solutions to conflicts that may arise during divorce mediation. Our mediators quickly evaluate the elements of the conflict and provide clients with an effective action plan. We pride ourselves in the utilization of the most current research on effective negotiation, mediation, collaboration and cooperation in non-adversarial forms of conflict resolution and management. We enable our clients to make positive and productive decisions while in the midst of emotionally charged conflicts. As highly experienced and dedicated mediators, we are:

  • Confidential
  • Comprehensive
  • Efficient
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Cost-Effective
  • Results-Oriented
  • Creative
  • Experienced
  • Highly Educated
  • Friendly and Professional

When: Our offices are open 7 days a week, including weekends and evenings to accommodate our clients’ busy lives. We are always available in a crisis and can quickly troubleshoot to de-escalate potential harm.
Where: Our offices are located in Solana Beach/North County with additional conference space in Downtown San Diego.

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We are a one-stop shop and take care of everything for you. We provide a full-service approach, which means you never set foot in court.

Kevin Boileau, PhD, JD/LLM


Nazarita Goldhammer


What People Say


My now ex-wife and I are super-busy professionals. This firm took charge, got all our information, and prepared a complex MSA that we both still appreciate. Very fair rates and impeccable work. ~T.S.


Divorce paperwork is very confusing. This firm does it all with efficiency, empathy, and an amazing skill set. They helped us negotiate a fair business valuation, and a very reasonable property split – and they got it all done in 4 weeks. I highly recommend this firm. ~R.P.


From start to finish Dr. Boileau and Ms. Goldhammer moved us through the divorce process. Great team! Great approach! ~G.W.


I’m so glad I found this firm. They handled our stock options, unvested RSUs, and real estate with accuracy and professionalism. We could not have done it without them. ~ C.B.


I highly recommend Nazarita and Kevin to anyone. They worked out our community property and parenting plan with kindness and skill – and always kept us on track. ~ S.S.


I hired these guys to give me private consultation and analysis of my situation. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of psychology, the law, and the kind of analysis that in the end helped me solve my divorce. They are the very best negotiators.” “These people are worth every penny. In the end, they saved me a fortune.


Nazarita and Kevin were able to help me with all aspects of my case. I’d recommend these two and their staff to anyone who wants to make a complex situation manageable.


First-rate service! Impeccable professionalism and knowledge helped make a stressful situation tolerable. I’d recommend these guys to anyone.