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If We Can't Agree on Anything Can Divorce Mediation Work in Solana Beach, Ca,

Can Divorce Mediation Work if We Can’t Agree on Anything?

You’ve reached a point where you can no longer agree with your spouse on many aspects of your married life together, and you’re seeking a divorce. Now you may be wondering how anyone could expect you to agree on things during mediation. The fear that you might not be able to reach an agreement is a valid one, and it helps to know what could happen if you don’t find successful resolutions to all your disagreements. The experts from Divorce Options San Diego, divorce mediators San Diego couples rely on for creative alternatives to the often contentious and costly divorce process, offer the following guidelines for couples who are having difficulty reaching agreement during mediation.

What Mediators Do to Help Couples Agree on Decisions

You might be surprised to find out just how much you can agree on when you have a professional mediator helping you out. In your first mediation session, you may talk about which types of decisions you’ll need to make, which gives you a little time to begin thinking over what you want. In subsequent sessions, your mediator will help you narrow down what you need versus what you prefer. The mediator can also help you explain your reasoning for certain decisions to your spouse.

Ways to Minimize Conflict During Your Divorce

Both you and your spouse play big roles in whether your mediation has a successful outcome. You can do your part by trying to avoid doing things outside your mediation sessions that stir up drama. For instance, you may want to avoid dating for now or keep it quiet to avoid arousing jealousy.

How to Know When to Compromise

There may be times when you don’t get everything you want. When this happens, it helps to remember your spouse is going through the same thing. Your spouse may also have to compromise on things, and mediation sometimes involves some degree of give and take between both people involved. If you’re unsure whether a compromise is in your best interests, you might want to reach out to other people who can help. For instance, your legal counsel can give you advice you can use in your mediation sessions to help you feel better about any concessions you do make.

What to Do with a Half-Settled Mediation Agreement

There are some times when a complete agreement isn’t reached during divorce mediation. San Diego couples might find this happening around a topic that’s considered sensitive for both parties. While you might reach a standstill on one decision, it’s possible you’ll have the rest of them figured out. In this case, your mediator will put together a divorce agreement that outlines what you’ve decided so far. Then you can take your unfinished business to court. Even in this situation, having done some of the decision-making in mediation speeds up the process and produces a better outcome than trying to do it all through the judicial system.

When divorcing couples are looking for opportunities to make the process as smooth, respectful, and amicable as possible, divorce mediation offers a fantastic alternative to the animosity and high costs of traditional divorce. Trust Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced divorce mediators to handle every aspect of your divorce quickly and with compassion. To learn how divorce mediation might be the right choice for you, call Divorce Options San Diego today at 858-281-2628.