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Which Options are Available for Couples to Get Divorced in Solana Beach, Ca,

What Options Exist for Couples to Get Divorced?

By the time you choose to file for divorce, you may feel as though you’ve run out of options for saving your marriage. While you may no longer be able to live with your spouse, you do have options for planning a divorce that keep things as amicable as possible. Knowing about these options for getting divorced can help you take the right first steps toward dissolving your marriage. The experts from Divorce Options San Diego, the divorce mediators San Diego couples can rely on to manage all the financial, legal, and practical aspects of respectful divorce agreements, offer information about your varied choices.

You Can Skip Giving a Specific Reason

California is considered to be a no-fault state, which means you don’t have to give a specific reason for getting a divorce. Being able to leave personal issues such as infidelity out of the public records is a benefit that also allows you and your spouse to begin your new lives with a clean slate. When you file for your divorce, you can simply say you have irreconcilable differences so no one has to assume guilt for the ending of your marriage.

You Can Sometimes Choose the County

The state of California has a residency requirement of at least six months before you can get a divorce from your spouse. You’ll also need to live in a county for three months before you file for divorce there. In some cases, you and your spouse may meet the California residency requirement but live in separate counties. If so, you can choose which county to file in as long as you’ve lived in your respective counties long enough to fit the residency requirements.

You May Be Eligible for a Summary Dissolution

A summary dissolution is a faster and easier option compared to a traditional divorce. If you’ve only been married for a short time, it might be worth checking to see if you’re eligible for this option. However, it isn’t possible for everyone. To dissolve your marriage or domestic partnership in this manner, you’ll need to meet specific criteria that demonstrate the simplicity of ending your relationship. According to Section 2400 of the California Family Code, these include:

A marriage may be dissolved by the summary dissolution procedure provided in this chapter if all of the following conditions exist at the time the proceeding is commenced:

  • Either party has met the jurisdictional requirements of Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 2320) with regard to dissolution of marriage.
  • Irreconcilable differences have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage and the marriage should be dissolved.
  • There are no children of the relationship of the parties born before or during the marriage or adopted by the parties during the marriage, and the wife, to her knowledge, is not pregnant.
  • The marriage is not more than five years in duration at the time the petition is filed.

The conditions listed above are only a part of the relevant law regarding summary dissolution in California. For full information about this option, make sure to seek the advice of a professional legal services provider.

You Can Use Mediation to Resolve Your Divorce Out of Court

The prospect of going to court tends to increase the stress involved with getting a divorce. In fact, battling things out with your spouse in the presence of a judge who doesn’t know your relationship isn’t the best way to handle your divorce. With divorce mediation, San Diego couples can talk about the various aspects of the divorce with a neutral party. By coming to an agreement through mediation, you can then draft an agreement that’s processed by the court without having to stand before a judge.

Couples can rely on Divorce Options San Diego’s experienced divorce mediators to manage every aspect of their divorces, and our focus is on ensuring fairness and mutual satisfaction for both spouses. To learn more about how our comprehensive divorce mediation process can be the ideal solution for you, call Divorce Options San Diego today at (858) 281-2628.


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