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Mediating Your International Divorce During Covid

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about your individual situation it is best to seek the advice of an experienced legal professional.

If you are facing an International Divorce, you are already facing a complicated situation. You are probably prepared to fight your way through red tape, and you know this may be even more difficult during a pandemic. Fortunately, mediation can help you organize your affairs and clarify your path through the complicated process of divorce and immigration issues. In mediation, each divorce is like a different path to the same destination: a peaceful divorce. The path to this goal can mean passing by different scenery or taking shortcuts that suit your individual needs. In an international divorce – especially during covid – that path must be more carefully mapped out to take advantage of paperwork deadlines, the impact of your marriage on your immigration status and much more.

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At Divorce Options San Diego we frequently work with people whose divorce has some international or relocation element. Often a spouse or a couple may have come to the US to work in tech, biotech and medicine. Unfortunately, work visas confer only conditional immigration status. With many jobs at risk due to covid, the immigration status of both people in the couple could be threatened. The unskilled partner may be particularly at risk. Working with these uncertainties can be challenging, but mediation gives spouses ownership over their divorce so they don’t have to accept the legal realities alone.

At Divorce Options San Diego we are accustomed to doing remote mediations with people in different locations. Fortunately this can easily scale up to a socially distanced “zoom” mediation, wherever you are. We approach each divorce from an analytical and emotional standpoint, using expertise in finance, psychoanalysis and the law to help you come to amicable agreements. Complicated questions you may be facing:

  • Your divorce jurisdiction: your ability to have a divorce in the US may depend on the amount of time you have spent living in the US if you married abroad
  • Your current status is dependent on your spouse’s work visa, and that job may not be guaranteed
  • Your marriage has a power imbalance if you are dependent on your spouse for immigration status
  • Your application for secure status depends on your marriage and you need to time your divorce accordingly
  • Delayed application processing schedules have interfered with your divorce timeline
  • You need to decide where you will locate and where your kids will be located
  • The threat of covid has caused you to reconsider being far from home. You may have elderly parents to care for.

In all these scenarios mediating your divorce with Divorce Options San Diego means your divorce is handled in a caring way that maximizes mutual benefit. Immigration decisions are life changing decisions that should not be taken lightly. When you are dealing with heavy emotional and financial realities, especially if there is a culture clash, mediation can help you come to terms with the resources you have to support each other as you head into a better future.

Our Services and How We Can Help

At Divorce Options San Diego, we are highly qualified professional mediators and certified financial planners with psychoanalytical expertise. During the Pandemic, Divorce Options San Diego can reframe your divorce as an opportunity to generate creative, optimized solutions for your future and your kids’ future. We never litigate. We aim to empower divorcing spouses to own their divorce and craft sustainable, effective mutual agreements that will last long after the divorce is finalized. We are accustomed to using ZOOM, skype video and web conferencing texting for our national and international clients, and now remote, safe mediations. We help divorcing parents draft multi-phase parenting plans considering the child’s developmental needs. We can help co-parents build parenting plans that will withstand the challenges of parenting during covid-19, even if national or international distance is involved. We can assist you with the tools to stay connected to your child even if you aren’t the primary caregiver. At Divorce Options San Diego we emphasize an efficient, caring process that leaves out no detail relevant to your emotional, financial or legal situation. This leaves you free to get on with your life and care for your kids and yourself both during and after your divorce. We have offices in Solana Beach, CA but can work with you remotely at your convenience using telephone, video-conferencing apps and other forms of electronic communication. Please contact us [link to contact page] for a discreet and confidential consultation see how we can help.

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