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Do Married Couples Disagree About Often in Solana Beach, Ca,

What Do Married Couples Disagree About Most Often?

Married couples often look around to see if other people seem to be as happy or as miserable as they are in their relationships. Although on the surface it can be difficult to tell if your marriage is normal compared to others, you can take a look at recent statistics to get a little insight. According to a report commissioned by eHarmony in 2018, approximately 64 percent of Americans claim to be happy in their relationships. While this shows the majority of people say they are happy, it does raise some concerns that the number isn’t higher. Couples need to be aware of the following factors that tend to generate the most conflict in marriages and increase the risk of divorce.

Handling Finances Differently

Money issues are a huge concern for married couples. If you’re a saver who is married to a spender, you can expect to see some conflicts when you watch the constant changes in your bank account. Couples can try to work through these differences by choosing to focus on a common goal, such as paying down debt or increasing their savings.

Having Different Expectations for Physical Affection

There are certain physical aspects of marriage that couples don’t always see eye to eye on. For instance, one partner may expect more physical affection, while the other one isn’t interested at all. Couples who disagree over the ways they show their love often end up quite unhappy. This issue tends to present itself in very serious ways, such as one spouse choosing to seek physical affection outside the marriage. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce, and the negative emotions it generates make it extra important to use San Diego divorce mediators to ease communication during the process of obtaining a divorce.

Arguing Over the Division of Labor

You might have also gone into your marriage with different expectations regarding the roles you and your partner would play. For instance, your spouse’s version of a stay-at-home parent may vary drastically from yours. One or both of you may subscribe to traditional gender roles that cause one person to get angry if the other person doesn’t follow his or her script. Couples often fight about little things that must be done around the house, such as who takes out the trash or washes the dishes. While some of these arguments may seem petty or minor, they can add up to serious discord in a marriage that eventually leads to divorce.

Dealing with Different Views of the Future

There are also times when couples just drift apart. You might have married young and have developed new dreams for the future that don’t align with your spouse’s. For example, you may want to move for your career, and your spouse would rather stay in his or her hometown. These marriages also sometimes end in divorce when neither person can agree on how to proceed happily with the other person’s plans.

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